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Hearing is Believing
The Music and Memory® project which our organization has coordinated is having a profound effect on seniors in many facilities in Israel.  We have distributed dozens of iPods and earphones to over 35 medical facilities, where the astounding positive effects of the music on many of the patients have been outstanding.  Patients who were previously unresponsive now hold conversations.  A woman thought to be deaf now responds to questions.  Even the staff and other residents are amazed by the changes they see all around them as a result of the joy the music is bringing into their lives.

Here is the testimony of Ilana Cohen, Manager of Beit Carmel​:


"A" is a resident that refuses to participate in most of the house activities. Sometimes he agrees to look at pictures in magazines but mostly dozes. His speech is very soft and unintelligible.


About music-

He never refuses my offer to put earphones on and listen to music. When listening to music he is mostly alert, although at times he dozes. If I talk to him about the music he is listening to, he answers loud and clear. He thanks me over and over again for the music, and he tells me he is enjoying it immensely. 


One day I asked him if he wants me to turn off the music and he answered - "if you turn off the music you will turn me off as well."


What more can I say?


Ilana Cohen, Manager of Beit Carmel, Kibbutz Maagan Michael