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The Good People Fund

The Founders
 Sanford N. Gitel, PhD, did his undergraduate studies at Yeshiva University and received his doctorate in organic chemistry from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. Besides having worked in hospital settings at St. Louis Barnes Hospital, New York University Medical School and Sheba Medical Center in Israel, he has a long history of community service as board member of various charitable organizations both in the USA and in Israel. When he isn’t busy babysitting for his grandchildren or working out at the gym, he devotes his time to furthering sensitivity training in Israel.
 Shari (Zissie) Gitel worked as a medical assistant for internists and   neurologists in the US before she moved to Israel in 1986. She was administrative assistant to the president of Jerusalem College of Technology before retiring. A good portion of her time after moving to Israel was spent in care-giving for her elderly parents and mother-in-law, during which time she became attuned to the need for sensitivity training for medical personnel and caregivers, particularly in the field of dementia and patients with motor disabilities. She has completed a course in gerontology and is committed to raising awareness in this area and providing caregivers with a hands-on experience of what it is like to be totally dependent upon someone else for care.

 P.K. Beville, M.S., awards Certification as VDT Trainer to Shari Zissie Gitel

Message from P.K. Beville, MS 
Any time a cause springs from personal experience, that experience brings a   greater passion and commitment to the cause. Such is the case with B’naalei Hazulat – In Their Shoes (R.A.). The founders, Zissie and Sandy Gitel, have  lived through the realities of caregiving for a loved one with cognitive decline. They were so moved by this experience that they sought out a way to help others better identify with their loved ones experiencing cognitive decline. The Virtual Dementia Tour is one way they have committed to bring the sensitivity necessary to provide good care to you. Their commitment to helping make a better way for those caring for dementia is unmatched because they have traveled the road, one step at a time. There is no stronger commitment.
P.K Beville, MS
Founder, Second Wind Dreams® & Geriatric Specialists
Author of the Virtual Dementia Tour ® Series
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