In Their Shoes

"Do not judge your friend until you stand in his place.​"

Caring for persons suffering from dementia or any disability that renders them dependent upon another person's assistance is a daunting task, complicated by our lack of understanding of what that person is going through.


In Their Shoes is a non-profit organization founded to increase understanding and empathy among the caregiver community so as to better serve our patients with compassion.  Our services, which include The Virtual Dementia Tour®, are designed to afford the participant the opportunity of actually experiencing what it is like to feel the effects of dementia and be dependent on someone else for all one's daily needs. Reactions to the experience are profound and emphasize the importance of treating the patient through understanding his emotional and physical needs.


We invite you to take advantage of our services.  Whether you are a professional or a lay person, you have something to gain by feeling what it's like to walk "in their shoes."  

Nursing Home Staffs

Understand behaviors to learn to deal with them through compassion.


Caregiver Agency Employees 

Find ways to minimize problematic situations.


Family Member Caregivers 

Understand your patient and reduce stressful scenarios.


We offer programs for:

Nursing Schools 

Feel what your patient is experiencing so you know how to care for him/her.


Medical Schools 

Experience dementia to be able to communicate better with your patient.

Social Service Providers

Experience what families deal with daily and thereby help them cope. ​

Volunteering Opportunities

Help conduct the Virtual Dementia Tour® to guide participants through the maze of dementia and disability limitations.

 See a doctor taking the Virtual Dementia Tour and watch his reactions and those of his colleagues to the effect of the tour on them.


Community Outreach Programs

Seminar Presentations

Become a part of this magnificent gift to those who otherwise would sit depressed and detached. 








In Their Shoes was the first organization in Israel to be certified to conduct the Music and Memory Program®, which is now utilized throughout the world to bring their favorite music to residents who are isolated in nursing homes.  After certification by Music and Memory Israel®, facilities may qualify for donations of  MP3 players, earphones, music and other accessories to  enhance the quality of life of their residents.   There is nothing quite like the smile on the face of someone who is hearing his/her favorite music and enjoying every moment of it. For information on Music and Memory® certification, please contact:


In Their Shoes has distributed music equipment to over

200 patients

in over

35 nursing homes countrywide​


2000 professionals and lay persons

in the field of elder care have experienced the Virtual Dementia Tour® under our guidance.​

The Virtual Dementia Tour®

is recommended for everyone

having contact

with the elderly and patients living with dementia.​


Please send your donations in Israel to: In their Shoes, Harav Toledano Street 12B, Netanya 4275512, Israel.


Tax deductible donations in the USA can be made via THE GOOD PEOPLE FUND


Request that your donation be earmarked for In Their Shoes R.A. in Israel, and send your donation to: 

The Good People Fund, 384 Wyoming Avenue, Millburn, NJ 07041, USA​​

In Their


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